Project Description

Photography Project “Wrinkles of Existence”

This is a long-term photography project by Jurga Graf concerned with the themes of aging, identity, and cultural mores.

Through photography, text, and interviews, the series explores personal relationships with the aging process, focusing on dynamic, driven individuals who have lived, and continue to live, exceptional lives. Visceral black and white photographs strive to capture the essence of idiosyncratic characters now enjoying septua and octogenarian status.

The photography is raw, uncompromising, and emphatic, with individuals presented in a natural, unadorned state, a celebration of vitality both past and present.

Project Date 2016-2018

Coming personal exhibitions:

2018 Wrinkles of Existance, Trofejas Gallery, Berlin
2018 Wrinkles of Existance, l’embrasser Gallery, Paris